This program provides altitude or weather information on Neo Freerunners with bmp085 pressure sensors installed. The bmp085 is available as part of the Freerunner Navigation Board. The GTA04 is likely to include the bmp085. The sensor can also be installed separately: see here and here. The installation location shown on the wiki is better.

You also need a kernel module to support the bmp085. It is upstream in kernel 2.6.36 and later, but you will need to build it yourself. The source is available here. You can try this module: bmp085.ko which works for me using a recent SHR-Unstable.


Latest Package

Version 0.9

Due to a hardware failure, the record of versions 0.5-0.8 has been lost

Previous Packages

Version 0.4

Version 0.3


You can check out the source with the following command:
svn co svn://